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Old Findlay Farm

Welcome to our family farm!

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What's Happening...

Agritourism at it's best


Fields of Green

Hemp farming is our focus throughout the year. We are proud of our High-CBD, low-THC product that is given hands-on attention and high-quality care!

Animal Adventures

Visit our cast of characters as you tour the farm on a walk with our alpacas. Meet our family of goats and be intrigued by our pack of emus.


Yes there are fish in the lake! The lake is well stocked and we've been told a catch is virtually guaranteed.

  • 1 hr

    45 Canadian dollars

  • 12 hr

    Email for details

  • 1 hr

    45 Canadian dollars

  • 2 hr

    40 Canadian dollars

  • 8 hr

    50 Canadian dollars

Products You’ll Love

Wholesome Products Straight from the Farm


Farm Fresh Eggs


Availability depends on our chickens and their travels. They are a free run bunch and are currently out of office.

Fresh Lavender


Blooms in June and some in September. Every season is a new adventure.


Emu Eggs


Purchase one of our beautiful emu eggs. Dependent on availability. Tough to predict when emus will engage in their unique mating dance.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!


Plan a visit to our farm soon!

890 Cook Road, Gatineau, QC. J9J 3P6

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